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About Us


Our Story

Ideal Tile was founded in 1977 by three brothers. Ideal Tile has grown to be a fine designer showroom, showcasing thousands of possibilities. Ideal Tile has always been known for professional, custom, in house installation. We have been servicing homeowners, builders, and designers in this capacity since our inception.

ideal tile

Our Present

Ideal Tile continues to thrive as the premier destination for home improvement projects across the state of New Jersey. We've curated extensive showrooms featuring imported products to suit any home project budget. From managing tile installations, crafting custom shower doors, stone fabrication, countertop installations, backsplashes, and beyond, Ideal Tile is your one-stop solution for transforming your space.

Why Ideal Tile


Our sales professionals have decades of industry experience.

Installation Knowledge

We know the best way to address almost any situation.


We have the ability to execute the job according to your wishes and our professional expertise.

Rapid Turnaround

Most tiles can be obtained within a few days or less; some as quickly as the next day.


Having been in existence for almost 40 years satisfying our customers. We guarantee our work.


We have a vast selection of tiles for you to choose from. We will help you find the perfect tile for your project.

ideal tile

Start Your Project Today

Let Ideal Tile help you get your tile project started off right with a free in-home consultation. We have been servicing homeowners, builders, and designers since 1977.

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